Cargo Seat Bags

Colibri Aero and J&C Aero offer Airbus A320 FAM aircraft operators universal Cargo Seat Bags for commercial and humanitarian cargo transportation inside passenger cabins. 

The Cargo Seat Bag is an EASA-approved spacious 76x76x147 cm (30x30x58 inches) kit for a triple seat, with up to 75 kg (165 lb) of cargo to be stored on the seat and additional 9 kg – under the seat, totaling 252 kg (555 lb) per a triple seat block.

The kit can be easily installed within just several minutes and can include a wide range of cargo types: from postal correspondence, household goods, electronics and other commercial cargo to medical equipment and other kinds of humanitarian supplies.

The kits are developed in compliance with Structural Integrity, Fire Protection, and Emergency Evacuation requirements. All aircraft operators will be supplied with a cargo bag special condition compliance justification matrix, a loading manual and additional documentation required by their national aviation authorities (CAA). The MOD kit documentation may also be supplemented with an EASA Form 1.

For more technical data, please contact us via the form. Our team members will provide all additional information ASAP.

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